Whooooo’s Hungry?

Oh, glad you asked. Let me introduce you…

Hungry McGee first learnt the fine art of smokin’ meats from his Ole Gran Pappy McGee when he was just knee high to a grasshopper. It’s a long standin’ family tradition that Ole Gran Pappy McGee learnt from his Pappy… and his Pappy learnt it from his Pappy… and so on and so forth.

Hungry used to earn his keep fetchin’ the firewood for the smokin’ fires, stringin’ up the meats, and waitn’ for days as they cured. Among all 18 of his brothers and sisters, his mama was always sayin’ “That there one is as hungry as a starved bear in a swimin’ pool a honey!” Plus with 18 youngins, his mama and papa could never remembers all their names. So they just called him Hungry. Hungry McGee. That’s how he got his name ya’ll!

Smokin’ meat had been the McGee family tradition for generations and generations and they often sold their snacks to the general store for some extra spendin’ money. It wasn’t until Ole Bessie, the family’s pickup truck, broke down and the McGee family needed money to fix her that they decided to sell their snacks to folks outside of their small town. So, Hungry hitched up the horses and took the last batch of snacks to the next town o’er the mountain. It didn’t take long before the town folks across the whole state was a hollerin for ‘em. Those folks just kept on a askin for more and more. By the time Hungry ran out of snacks, he had more’n enough money to fix Ole Bessie. It was right then and there that he decided to make this his business.

In these here Hungry McGee products is some rootin-tootin, nee-slapin meat snacks and jerky bites. They come in a variety of flavors, and Hungry’s always tinkerin’ with a new idea. They’re made by Hungry with a special secret mixin’ of spices and special smokin’ woods. Now Hungry, he’s a kind folk, but he ain’t gonna tell you the recipe, so don’t bother askin’!